about me

My Mission

…being present  in awareness brings to us the miracle of being alive, of emergence of our individual purpose, and consciousness of the eternal source….

I consider conscious awareness to be the miracle of humanity. Conscious awareness is what is simultaneously the greatest potential in humans and, when potential is made actual, our greatest act of love and creativity. It is both the medium and the source of possible human experience – without conscious awareness, we are like amoeba.


Conscious awareness is what imbues our lives and experience with magic. Its the process that reveals the miracle of life in every moment. It is through conscious awareness that we create the world we wish for. It is our greatest gift, that which is innate, and that which when-and-if we employ it, we share in the miracle of our interdependent co-creative existence.


Through activating and practicing conscious awareness we become the gift of our true selves and share this emanation of source with the rest of humanity. The quality of our conscious awareness defines our experience of ourselves, of others and the context of our existence. That quality is ‘always already’ sufficient to the now, always already endless in its potential and possibilities.


This is the teaching of the ancient and the modern : the fiery teachings of Kalachakra, of Agni Yoga, the subtle oceans of Taoism, the loving awe of Sufism, the Christian mysteries, the Liberation in Buddhism, the wonder of Quantum. This is the teaching that the kingdom of heaven is inside of you. That mindfulness will lead to the path of enlightenment. That going within is what brings mastery over impermanence. That being present in awareness brings to us the miracle of being alive, of emergence of our purpose, and consciousness of the eternal source.


My mission is to practice, to teach, to inspire, to awaken and make manifest this potential in as many people who wish for my assistance. My mission is to change the world through the act and teaching of conscious awareness, by facilitating change through ever increasing quality of conscious awareness.

My story, abbridged

…the degree to which each of us can stand in our light and confront our darkness…

I spent the first thirty years of my life in South Africa, growing up during the darkest years of apartheid, and reveling during the years of emerging light of democratic process. This context provided me with a unique opportunity for personal development. I grew up in a bilingual, bi-religious, bi-political home. I attended schools imbued with the ideologies of separation, privilege and hierarchy. The social environment was fiercely controlled by a police state maintaining and nurturing a psychology of threat, fear and war. I was surrounded by hatred, suspicion, prejudice and violence.

It was in this context I would discover love, inclusion and acceptance as a state of inner being, a wellspring of peace. It was in this hotbed of trauma and injustice that my desire to change the world found fertile ground to develop and mature. It was in confronting the reality that all people are capable of the highest AND the most dire acts that I awakened to the fact that real change – the world I wished for and knew was possible – would not come from laws and systems, but from within.


I came to understand that the degree to which each of us can stand in our light and confront our darkness is what defines the quality of our personal and collective experience. And if I wanted a better world, well, it was just a matter of setting about making it.